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Silly: Vaterland

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We are jointly opposing the export of terror and violence Made in Germany!

German exports of weapons and military equipment have doubled in recent years. Submarines, warships, jets and military helicopters, tanks and rocket launchers, assaults rifles and machine guns, licences to produce weapons and entire arms factories are being shipped around the globe. The recipients include dictatorships and authoritarian regimes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, which badly violate human rights. Germany now ranks third in the list of weapon exporting countries worldwide.

Arms exports are a profitable business, yet no means of securing jobs. Only 0.2 per cent of all German employees work in the weapons industry.

The consequences of weapons exports are often dire for the people in the countries importing arms: existing conflicts are exacerbated and often escalate violently, countless people are killed, wounded, forced to leave their homes or suffer bad traumata. Undemocratic regimes receive help from Germany to suppress their people. Even though the imported weapons and military equipment (e.g. vehicles) may not be used, they require money which may have gone towards improving education and combating poverty.